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Ethona is the name of the mortal plane. It is divided into three major areas. The eastern continent of Atlul, the northern area of Norarni and the southwestern area of Windstel.

The harsh wilderness of Ethona has kept the growth of civilization at a slow crawl. Only a dozen or so major settlements exist across all of Ethona, those that live in these settled places scratch out as comfortable existence as they can in the unforgiving world. Beyond the settled areas are great forests, arid deserts, murky swamps, and skyscraping mountains each with their own terrible denizens. Also beyond those places of civilization lie the ruins of many ancient cities, rendered desolate in some forgotten horror, since plundered and infested by dark creatures. All these places are known to be dangerous to the common folk of Ethona and are rarely ventured to, except perhaps by brave merchants seeking to trade goods in a foreign marketplace or some warband seeking to conquer their neighbour’s town.

Many towns know of other special places nearby to their city, great temple monuments to honour a god, built in the same bygone era as those ruined cities. These places are usually avoided as well, but some towns hold sacred ceremonies there to appeal to the god of the temple in times of great need. Almost every one of the monuments known to the towns around Ethona is surrounded by legends of treasure and power, guardians and secrets, even imprisoned evils deep within the temples heart. Few have the courage to venture into these places of legendary power and magic.

Many other secrets are hidden throughout the wilderness of Ethona, offering the simultaneous promises of danger, adventure and reward.

Home Page

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